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14x10 Goshen Stone Patio

Natural Collection

Introducing the understated elegance of our 14x10 Goshen Stone Patio, a timeless addition to our Natural Collection. Crafted from the local favorite Goshen Stone, this patio effortlessly blends simplicity with sophistication. The rectangular layout, measuring 14 feet by 10 feet, provides the ideal space for intimate gatherings or a cozy setup with a table, chairs, and grill. Immerse yourself in the genuine charm of Goshen Stone, a local treasure known for its natural beauty, as you transform your outdoor space into a haven of tranquility with the 14x10 Goshen Stone Patio. Book your patio today!


Materials + Colors

Color choice does not effect price. Specify your choice at our on-site meeting.

Need to Customize?

  • We may be able to rearrange feature locations like walls, fire pits, pillars to fit your space and style. Discuss with your Patio Pro when we meet.


  • We can cut the patio to fit around existing steps, window-wells, etc. Most customizations are included in price. 

  • We do not currently offer alternative pavers for this design.

What's Included

This is a guaranteed price to install the hardscape elements depicted in this design (pavers, walls, pillars, fire pit, etc.) It includes:

-Site Evaluation

-Site Prep: Removal of Grass/Dirt

-All Labor

-All Materials and Taxes

-All Trucking and Deliveries

-All Equipment

-Debris and Trash Disposal

-Thorough Site Cleanup

-Final Quality Inspection

-(5) Year Warranty

Not Included

Not included in any patio package are the following. We're happy to provide these items at an additional cost, and will provide a separate quote if requested.

-Steps / Stairs

-Walkways / Paths

-Plantings / Mulch

-Demo and Removal of Concrete

-Demo and Removal of Decking



-Seed, Straw, or Sod Installation


Space Required

16'-0" by 12'-0"

Finished Size
Approximately 14'-4" x 14'-4"

Sugarledge Stone Quarry (Cut Flagstone)
Grey Polymeric Sand (Joint material)


All Perfect Patio installations come with a (5) year warranty. See your contract for full details.


Although the patio designs featured on this site are scale drawings, they are for illustration purposes only. Actual patio colors, textures and scale may vary. 

Accessories (furniture, plants, grills etc.) depicted in designs are used to illustrate use and scale, and are not included in the price of the patio, unless otherwised stated. 

Submitting the 'Book This Patio' inquiry is not a binding agreement by either party. All installations require a site visit prior to contracting.


Book This Patio!

If you're ready to book this patio, the next step is to have us out for a site visit. 

Please fill out the form below to schedule a visit. We will contact you within 24 hours.

14x10 Goshen Stone Patio

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