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Patio Buyer's Guide

Patio Materials and Collections

At Perfect Patio, we take pride in offering diverse patio collections, each crafted with distinct materials, sizes, shapes, features, and price points. We understand that every customer is unique, and so are their preferences. Explore our exclusive collections to find the one that resonates with your individual style and outdoor aspirations.

Traditional Collection

Our Traditional Collection offers blend of classic charm and affordability for those who appreciate timeless outdoor settings. Our carefully crafted patios feature high-quality concrete pavers, available in two elegant color choices. The pavers undergo a tumbling process, achieving a rustic cobblestone look while maintaining a smooth and solid feel underfoot. Ideal for smaller yards or intimate spaces, the collection offers compact patio sizes, perfect for cozy gatherings or complementing the space around a hot tub. Embrace the classic two-paver pattern for a more random and natural aesthetic, creating a visually appealing yet relaxed atmosphere.


Despite its smaller size, the Traditional Collection does not compromise on quality. We've curated this collection with an emphasis on affordability, ensuring a lower price point while delivering exceptional value. Our commitment to quality extends to both the pavers and installation, providing you with a patio that exudes classic elegance without exceeding your budget. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of timeless beauty with the Traditional Collection from Perfect Patio. Explore the affordable luxury and intimate charm that defines this collection, bringing classic outdoor aesthetics to your doorstep.

Millstone Vineyard Blend Color Paver

Tranquil Collection

Welcome to the Tranquil Collection, where modern simplicity meets serenity in circular retreats. This collection features two patio designs, both boasting a 16' wide circular layout. The first design showcases the beauty of just the pavers, while the second adds an inviting fire pit to enhance the warmth of your outdoor experience. Central to this collection is a new and unique paver that comes in 11 different sizes and shapes, allowing for a customized, natural feel. The finished patio exudes a communal atmosphere, perfect for gatherings and shared moments.


The circular design, bordered by a contrasting dark paver, not only defines the space but also adds a touch of sophistication. Versatile and inviting, the Tranquil Collection provides the ideal setting for various outdoor activities. Despite the modern and unique elements, this collection remains accessible, offering a contemporary outdoor escape without compromising on quality. Transform your outdoor space into a serene retreat with the Tranquil Collection. Explore the beauty of circular design, versatility, and shared moments that define this collection.

BrookStone Quarry Granite Paver
BrookStone Vineyard Blend Granite Paver
Boston Colonial Graphite Paver
ScapeStone Fire Pit Block

Natural Collection

In our Natural Collection, each patio is a testament to the timeless beauty of all-natural stone. We've crafted four distinct patios with authentic local materials, catering to those who appreciate simplicity and enduring appeal. Two patios feature Goshen Stone, known for its grey/silver hues and rust-colored streaks. The stone is cut into modern shapes, presenting a refined look. The first design showcases pure elegance, while the second introduces a stone fire pit for warmth and ambiance.


The other two patios in the collection are crafted from Woodbury Grey Granite, featuring a thermal surface for added traction and a light grey/white salt and pepper tone. Both options, whether stand-alone or with a fire pit, provide versatility to suit varied preferences. With dimensions around 14' x 10', these patios offer ample space for entertaining while seamlessly fitting into diverse backyard settings.


Beyond aesthetics, the Natural Collection emphasizes the durability of natural stone materials, ensuring these patios withstand the test of time. Whether it's the local charm of Goshen Stone or the timeless elegance of Woodbury Grey Granite, each design reflects a commitment to simplicity, longevity, and the seamless integration of natural beauty into your outdoor lifestyle.

Woodbury Grey Granite
Sugarledge Goshen stone

Essential Collection

The Essential Collection - where functionality seamlessly meets style in three distinct patios designed to be the epitome of what every outdoor space should offer. Each patio, measuring approximately 16' x 12', is crafted with the finest materials, featuring the Andover paver—a three-piece combination that not only provides a visually appealing, random look but also incorporates the latest color and wear durability technology. The collection is bordered by a contrasting border paver, adding a stylish edge to the design. The base design follows an open patio concept, ready for your personal touches. The second patio introduces a block fire pit with decorative caps and a steel metal insert, enhancing the visual appeal and extending your outdoor entertaining possibilities. The third patio takes it a step further, including the block fire pit with two block sitting walls for additional guest seating. Choose the Essential Collection for a versatile and stylish outdoor space that is both functional and exceptional.

Andover Smooth Paver
Andover Smooth Paver
Boston Colonial Paver
Olde Boston Block
Olde Boston Block
CastStone Coping

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection, where outdoor living meets understated elegance in three distinct patio designs that prioritize both style and function. These larger-sized patios, measuring approximately 24' x 18', embrace a modern aesthetic with the Andover style paver, known for its sleek design and durability. The collection distinguishes itself with a more refined double border, incorporating a larger contrasting paver for an added touch of sophistication.


The base patio in the Signature Collection comes equipped with a decorative block fire pit, featuring coping and a steel insert—a stylish focal point that provides warmth and enhances the overall ambiance. Stepping up, the second patio introduces two sitting walls flanking the fire pit area, adding a sense of enclosure and providing extra seating for gatherings. The third patio takes it a step further, relocating the fire pit to the corner and introducing block sitting walls along with two block pillars for a subtle yet stylish architectural touch.


Choose the Signature Collection for an outdoor space that effortlessly combines practicality with modern elegance. With sleek Andover style pavers and versatile design options, this collection is all about enhancing your outdoor experience with a touch of sophistication.

Andover Smooth Paver
Andover Smooth Paver
Andover Smooth 5511 Paver
Olde Boston Block
Olde Boston Block
CastStone Coping

Premier Collection

Welcome to the Premier Collection, the epitome of outdoor luxury. Crafted for those seeking the finest in materials and features, this collection unveils three extraordinary patios, each showcasing the luxurious Andover GrandStone. With enduring durability and high-end aesthetics, these patios are bordered by large, dark-colored pavers, creating a striking contrast for added elegance.


In the first two patios, a decorative block fire pit takes center stage, accented with capstones and a steel insert. Alongside, two block sitting walls and two block pillars provide both functional seating and visual appeal. These patios also feature dedicated grill areas to provide even more counterspace for convenient outdoor cooking. Just slide your grill into the readymade spot.


Stepping up the luxury, the second patio expands the grill area into a bar-height sitting space, adding versatility for socializing and dining. The pinnacle of the collection, the third patio, introduces a corner sitting area with two block walls and a fire pit. Flanked by decorative block pillars, this patio reaches new heights by including a wooden pergola, creating the ultimate space for outdoor entertaining.


Defined by the elegance of Andover GrandStone, striking contrasts, and an array of features, the Premier Collection redefines outdoor living with a touch of luxury.

Andover smooth Paver
Andover GrandStone Paver
Andover 5511 Smooth Paver
Olde Boston Block
Olde Boston Block
CastStone Coping

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